Jerry Jam July 24-28 Bath, NH

July 28, 2014

Jerry Jam

July 24-28, 2014

Bath, NH


It was a bit of a ride from northern MA to Bath NH, as I stopped along the way to poster for the Old 78 Farm Fall festival in Hinsdale and Brattleboro, but I managed to get within a few minutes of the festival in the 9 PM range that I wanted. But just as I was on the cusp of entry, there was a bridge out and I had to take a 20 minute detour to get around that blockade. It wasn’t that big of a deal and worth it once I made it into Jerry Jam.


Girls Guns and Glory July 13 Green River Festival Greenfield, MA

July 24, 2014

Girls Guns and Glory at the Green River Festival

July 13 Greenfield MA

In the midst of an amazing coast to coast tour, Boston Music Award winners for best Americana band Girls Guns and Glory take the Green River festival, pre-storm. In the course of a dozen or so songs, they show why they are not just Boston’s best Americana band, but perhaps America’s best. […]

TWIDDLE TWIN PEAKS – Sinclair, Cambridge and Stratton, Vermont – 7/18 & 19

July 24, 2014

Twiddle Twin Peaks

July 18 The Sinclair Cambridge, MA
and Grizzly’s at Stratton Mountain, VT

Jimm O’D acts as our sherpa in a Twiddle vision quest; one that takes us from the shoreline of Boston MA and it’s newest live music pagoda, to the heights of the mountains and the final watering hole before the earth turns into the sky at Grizzly’s at Stratton. Along the way he finds not only a band in ascension, but perhaps also a bit of himself along the path from sea level to mountain top. […]

The Nice Ones Live at Infinity Music Hall 07/17/2014

July 22, 2014

The Nice Ones

July 17, 2014

Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT


by John Duval

Finding a new home in the Northwest Corner (After many Sharon Playhouse Stomps), The Nice Ones took the stage at the historic Infinity Music Hall, in the musically rich town of Norfolk Connecticut. Here is a solid rock group which should evolve from a bar band to the college circuit in the near future.


The Katelyn Richards Band Green River Festival, Greenfield MA July 13 2014

July 19, 2014

The Katelyn Richards Band

Green River Festival, Greenfield MA

July 13 2014

by Jimm O’D

So this is what it’s like to hear your favorite songs live, by an excellent artist with the same band that originally committed them to “virtual vinyl.” Katelyn Richards managed to schedule her band to play at the Green River Festival. The famous law firm of Hubley, Boyle & O’Boyle appeared with Her Soundaliciousness on Sunday.


Hayley Jane and the Primates

July 18, 2014

Hayley Jane and the Primates

Atwood’s Tavern, Cambridge

July 17 2014 by Jimm O’D


I have seen HJP a couple or few dozen times now, and of course I’m always struck by the charm that comes with this package. Upon first meeting, a year and a half or so ago, I was moved to comment on this- Hayley’s inner being shines through in her manner and presentation, and it comes across authentically.


Dave Matthews Band XFinity Center Hartford CT

July 13, 2014

Dave Matthew Band

July 12 2014

XFinity Center Hartford CT


A quick surprise date night for my wife to see her favorite band, the Dave Matthews Band and my fourth time seeing them myself. Would it be another guest laden show like when we saw the band there last year? If so, would it be at the expense of the total show’s quality, or an amazing supplement to a band clicking on all cylinders?


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