Live Music News and Review.com is an online music magazine for the music lover in all of us.  This is a music website dedicated to talking about new music releases, great shows, tours and festivals that are coming up, sharing great shows we’ve seen, featuring some of our favorite artists and venues, and a gathering place for live music lovers. We try to focus on the experience of going to live shows, the vibe of the venues, the beauty of the locations, and the ease with which we can all travel to shows and navigate our experience within them.


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If you’re looking for a spot for a reviewer to declare how much cooler they are for liking one band over another, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our reviews and previews will concentrate on celebrating live music and all that it brings to us, while perhaps pointing ways in which a venue, experience, or even a band might have disappointed us or could be improved.

 Life’s short, let’s experience it and celebrate!